day to day reflections by anneka foushee

walls are painted

It feels so different to walk into a space with four white walls... Shocking at first, but calming... Not a single fingerprint, speck of paint, or nail hole.. yet...


preparing for open studios

After renting my studio space at American Steel, there has been a lot of work to do to get "moved in." There was only a chainlink fence and exposed 2 x 4 studs separating a neighbor and I, so I had another neighbor help build a wall. He had to rip out all the wood and the fence and put up new 2 x 4's and drywall. Last Friday, I spackled all the screwholes and sanded. Painting drywall is not that fun... It soaks up paint so fast... Still more work to do... Debating on painting the floors white.. They are covered in dried oil paint at the moment..